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MODERN MOODS | Edyta Salak

Wednesday Artist Talk: August 31st from 7:00 to 9:00pm | First Thursday: September 1st from 6:00 to 9:00pm | FUSE Poetry Reading: September 2nd from 7:00 to 9:00pm

Welcome to one of my personal favorite collections.This series of paintings came to me in a very organic way. I had come across a small dog-eared B&W snapshot taken of my mother years ago. She was probably in her late teens she had survived the devastation of her homeland of Poland. She saw so much pain in such a short time. I thought her face was so serene yet her stare was far off and rather dream-like. Little did she know of the life that stretched before her. Her gaze was a familiar one that I had seen many times. Soon she would meet my father and literally fall in love at first sight. They would flee Poland to start a new life in the United States and of course I would put a little ripple in that plan and make my debut in Belgium. Soon the trip would continue again and somehow end up in California where she would lose the man she loved and become a widow at 24, my father died at the early age 34. Long story short… after having to learn a new language and stop her artistic endeavors (she was a masterful painter) she made a life for us with her broken English and mostly her incredible upbeat perspective on life. She worked so very hard and always encouraged me to keep creating. My Mama had dreams of visits to far away destinations. She said she would like to go to India because she wanted to see with her own eyes the poorest of poor living next to wealthiest. I asked why? She answered, because it was life at its best and worst and can be seen with one sweep of the eyes. “So much with a turn of the head” it sounds much more poetic in Polish. This woman was an artist in the deepest regard. She saw things in ways that are unique to an artist. Oh how fortunate I am to have had her. So there I sat reflecting and I started to sketch that little photo. I tried to capture her look with the least amount of lines. I adorned her with a turban in honor of her love of the exotic. Then came the colors, I filled her facial planes with rich jewel toned colors. I gave her a golden lock of hair peeking out under it. Her eyes carry me away on her adventures. I stepped back and there she was …

 I continued the theme and style with each individual face I painted. I ask myself, what’s the mood of this person? And then off I go on another quest to show their story with the least interference on my part.Edyta Salak TALK

My Mama