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Kenneth Saylor : Shattered Than Hollow

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May 7th through May 31st.

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SelfThis show is a representation of journey and self-discovery. Throughout our lives we are subjected to the constant state of keeping face and defining ourselves by those faces we keep, dependent on where we are within our own journey. Those faces are not what truly defines us… We are what define us. Our spiritual self, material self, and social self are the core of what defines us as an “object”. (It is more easily relateable to look at oneself as an object rather than an entity for this purpose). The material self includes our physical body, possessions, and also the people who we value in our lives. The spiritual self is the feelings that make up what is within us, the desires, the fears, the vulnerabilities, i.e. our emotions. The social self is what the world perceives you as, i.e. the face you maintain.

In my art, the action of stripping away the face is a metaphor, showing that the face you attempt to maintain is really quite illusionary and clouds one’s true self. We put on this illusion so that we can reject or accept certain feelings and individuals, as part of another form of self. Taking this away rejects the notion that one can hide behind this illusionary wall and allow those vulnerabilities to be open to criticism. The material self relies heavily on the social self so that we may be accepted and allowed to maintain our current face, however this is part of why we are never capable of achieving our true potential in self-knowledge and preservation of the self. We must rid ourselves of all externalities and become truly freed from those chains that we put on ourselves in order to find who we truly are. It is without thought, without influence, without power that we find ourselves. When you can let those barriers be broken down and expose yourself, the hidden and unknown become visible.

These pieces are my way of freeing myself from the external constraints that have decided what my “face” has been throughout life. I am now able to see myself, the world, and emotions without having such illusions and barriers blocking me from my potential. Take a look within, see without the world, and become that which lies within.

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