Aaron Stansberry, born 1978 in Portland, OR, is an acclaimed multidisciplinary artist living in the Pacific Northwest.  His most recent works come in a variety of mediums, including a mix of calligraphic and abstract paintings, as well as landscape photography.

Aaron’s interest in calligraphy dates back to his earliest memories of learning how to write.  Inspired by the long looping letters and fluidity of his parents’ signatures, he filled countless notebooks trying to create his own unique style, which is still evident today.  A lifetime of love for music, poetry, graffiti, and typography has given rise to Aaron’s current series of multi-layered calligraphic paintings.  This work aims to capture the curiosity of his viewers by inscribing, in layer after layer of oil and wax, the words that have made an impact on his life. Through careful examination, you may discover poetry, quotes, lyrics, and phrases, which will hopefully elicit some of the same emotions that went into creating each piece.  Since we can all relate a song to a particular experience or period in our lives, it’s easy to connect to this body of work.

Aaron’s abstract work is a minimalistic expression of the years he has spent near the Pacific Coast.  His usual monochromatic palette of blacks, whites, and blues give his audience a sense of calm in a chaotic world.  Though soft and minimal in tone, his paintings are not without a “punch in the face” of texture.  Aaron primarily uses palette knives instead of brushes, which lend an added depth and palpable quality to his work.

Living in Tokyo, Japan in 2007, Aaron bought his first camera.  Since that time he has honed in his skills through self-education and countless evenings of practice behind the lens.  Today he is using his artistic eye and long exposure techniques to capture his surroundings, giving his photos a dramatic, ethereal beauty.  His current work is a continued series of Pacific Coast shots, including beaches, piers, rock formations, waterfalls, and evening skies.  Many of Aaron’s paintings have also been influenced by his photos… giving way to the fact that his work in both mediums have developed a symbiotic relationship.

Aaron’s work has been featured in a number of national and international publications, a feature film, and is currently on display at hotels, commercial lobbies, galleries, and private residences throughout the world.  Whether in his Portland or Los Angeles studio, or behind the lens on location, Aaron works under the notion that nothing is off limits.


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Artist Statement

It occurs to me that language is a dying art form in and of itself.  Since their inception, words have been incredibly powerful. Whether in the form of lyrics, poetry, a story, a speech, or as simple as a compliment or insult, what we say can have a profound effect upon the directed recipient.  It seems that we are constantly searching for an effortless, more effective way to get our point across without having to truly speak our minds. Today we communicate through acronyms and emojicons in lieu of eloquently assembled thoughts and sentences, which ultimately leaves too much room for interpretation.   My current series parallels this idea as I intentionally let the words get lost in the paint, leaving only abstraction. Perhaps this is my preferred method of communication, leaving the observer with a visual catalyst to ultimately incite his or her own dialogue.