Alison Eriksen 


Artist Alison Eriksen creates intricate wire figures using wire, her hands and select tools. She also has incorporated found objects into her work, as we can be seen with much of her figures in or with 'boxes'. Her figures exist, sometimes with a porcelain head she's created or simply out of the wire of the body, creating a very different feel for the viewer when approaching the art. A lot of times her figures interact with objects and with one another, lending itself to playful interactions that we may have as well. Her work is in private collections nationally and most recently internationally.

Alison Eriksen was born and raised in the Greater New York area.  She completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in music before transitioning to the field of human learning and language sciences.  A strong interest in nonverbal and verbal communication led to further graduate study exploring various symbol systems which serve human language.  She worked for several years in the education field before taking her first sculpture class at Pacific Northwest College of Art in the early 2000s.  Since 2006, she has developed a studio practice in Portland, Oregon, focusing on the human form. 

Artist Statement
"I use the human figure to explore the language of gesture, interaction, and rhythm.  I am interested in how the state of mind or attitude of a figure determines its gesture, as well as how the figure's interior structure moves and alters the volume surrounding it.

In the mid 2000s I began sculpting clay figures and focused on volume, mass, and contour.  Gradually I became more interested by the interior line that shapes a moving form and discovered that steel wire, both strong and flexible, enabled me to create figures through which the animating lines were visible.

The wire figures—whether they interact with objects or with each other—explore themes of contemplation, curiosity, and play."

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