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Artist and Gallery Owner, Christopher Roberts, focuses on creating primarily abstract and impressionistic paintings, that read similar to one's own diary. He finds his release through a combination of music and colors, resulting in explosively rich surfaces. His work is born throughout the process of creating, without having any preconceived plan, making him a 'process painter'. He has been painting since the young age of just 6 years old with his grandmother, a well known painter herself, and has since been shown locally and nationally including Portland, Tucson and New York City to name a few. He is the chief curator extraordinaire at the gallery and manages the day to day operations.

Christopher Roberts was born in El Paso, Texas and currently resides and works in Portland, Oregon. From an early age he was fascinated with expressing his creativity in various forms including writing and his true passion, painting. Influenced and inspired to explore this world of visual expression by his grandmother, he started at just 6 years old. Having no official training in the practice he still pursued it wholeheartedly. Their seemed to develop a pattern within these works, expressing a life from within him, played out onto the canvas.  Sharing his story and allowing the public to interpret and experience their themselves within the work is his overall objective.

He is currently represented by Basic Space Gallery in Portland, Oregon. His work has also been represented by Agora Gallery located in the art district in Chelsea New York City and was a member of Gallery 114 in Portland, Oregon.  He has been a part of several exhibitions within the Portland metropolitan area; including Splendorporium, Mark Wooley Gallery, Gallery 114, Basic Space Gallery and Peoples Art. And he is presently in a couple private collections in Portland, OR and Tucson, AZ.

He is a multifaceted artist, with various styles including surrealism, expressionism, and figurative. There is a transition from each style depending on how he wants the emotion to be depicted. Never being confined to one particular style allows for a constantly evolving experience throughout his life. He uses an acrylic base paint, which allows for easy manipulation of the medium, then applied on canvas or to wood panels. He is working on inspiring others to tap into that raw innate emotion within them, therefore creating complete freedom for self-expression.

Artist Statement
“I don’t intend for my work to portray a specific subject, but to strive to bring out those personal challenges, struggles, and triumphs one faces throughout life’s journey. While attached to my exterior interpersonal relationships, I had remained detached from my inner feelings, so I needed to find a way to express them. It is imperative for me to share the innate, raw emotion of life’s experience with others so that I can help become a benefactor to the changing world.

When I start working I need to first ‘tap in’ to that feeling and become engulfed within it before I can release it. Music is the portal through which I lose touch with that exterior self, and allow for those inner emotions to take over and become the piece. I use different forms of media to convey those emotions: interpreting them within the different textures, lines, colors or patterns.

My work now is aligned in mostly abstractionism and loose abstract figurative, which are conducive to expressing my inner stories in a way that is not confined to a societal expectation or limitation. I also have done many other styles covering expressionism, pointillism, lyrical abstractionism, and surrealism. Although I may not always be working in the same style, there still is that passionate desire to express myself through creativity.”

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