Deborah Bridges 



Deborah Bridges is a Northern California native residing in Grass Valley,  CA. Deborah's art education began in a studio specializing in monumental scale bronze sculpture. She established a career in classical bronze figuration,  then developed a line of garden sculpture that is currently being carried in galleries across the U.S.  These days Deborah is creating thought provoking ceramic figurative sculpture,  teaching advanced sculpture,  and running a studio that includes three apprentices.  Her work has won awards from the Off-Center International Ceramic Competition,  The Utah Arts Festival and La Qunita Arts.  Deborah is represented by the Alexander Gallery in Nevada City, CA.

Statement on current "Persona" series 2017

"So what is it I am expressing in the serious faces with clown-like paint and doll-like bodies? I love the incongruity of them.  I love the complicated and mysterious humanity of them.  When I was younger all of my work pointed to transcendence,  a message of rising above and beyond this mortal existence.  I am 61 years old now and feel much more drawn to fully inhabiting my body and this life.  My figures are grappling with the full range of human experience,  the dark as well as the light.

The clown faces point to the masks we wear as we try to hold on to the stories of our self-hood, our personas.  The articulation of the bodies, as well as the contortion, speaks to our awkward attempts to be taken seriously as separate individuals in a mistakenly perceived world of separation."