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Dianne Jean Erickson 


Artist Dianne Jean Erickson, is a renowned painter, once the Chief Business Officer and on the board of directors for the International Encaustic Artists (IEA). Her background was in graphic design, which has aided her in producing elaborate yet simple paintings ever since. She creates whimsical figurative/portraiture work while also working in the field of abstraction. Her work has been featured nationally with some of her most recent exhibits being held at a museum here in Oregon. 

Biography & Artist Statement

Each day working in my studio I start not knowing what image will emerge. I allow myself the freedom of indecisions, improvisations, and impulsiveness in my work, and that leads to exciting discoveries. Subjects of my paintings and prints vary depending on ideas that arise. I use multiple mediums including, but not limited to, encaustic, acrylic, oil and cold wax, and collage. I’m impatient by nature, my process is intuitive, I most enjoy the journey of creating, figuring out what works; what to keep, and what to abandon, until the piece works for me. I have no compulsion to save every work I do. Many become the layered history for a new piece. Creating art energizes me, it’s a place where time is altered, where all my feelings and emotions appear at some time or another; pleased, tired, upbeat, excited, harried, surprised, and hopefully at some point, satisfied.

Dianne owned a graphic design and marketing business for twenty-five years in Silicon Valley. She and husband Patrick Wilson moved to Jacksonville, OR in 2001, and Portland in 2012. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Art from Southern Oregon University in Ashland. An award-winning artist, Dianne won third place for ‘Orange Mohawk Man,’ one of two encaustic paintings juried in the IEA ‘Fusion’ exhibit in Santa Fe, NM. She also received First Place at Exhibitions West 2010, an all Western states competition at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon. Dianne is a founding member of AMBUS Contemporary Art. For a number of years they had a co-op gallery in Jacksonville, then Medford. She was the Chief Business Officer of the International Encaustic Artists (IEA) from Feb 2012 - May 2013. She was also Board President for a number of years at the Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, CA before moving to Oregon. She is currently on the Board of The Geezer Gallery, a non-profit in Portland.

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