Biography & Artist Statement
I have been granted a beautiful gift…It is the love of art since a very young age. There has been a consistent thread of events and opportunities that have been placed in front of me to always work steadily at my craft. I evolve into each new project enriched from the preceding one. I see myself dying a student in this creative world I have been so generously placed in. I have taught what I know and just when that is put in another's hands something brand new opens like a flower before me. I have a passion for combining all I know and finishing the piece with a new accent. I am a creature of NO habit when it comes to my work. I like to twist and toy with all available means and come up with a flavor I’ve never made before.


Edyta Salak attended California State University and the University of California Los Angeles

Edyta Salak has taught for over 5 years at OTIS College of Art and Design California. She now continues to teach at Walters Cultural Center Hillsboro Oregon and privately from her home studio.

Commissioned Works
Edyta’s work is permanently hung in many Major Institutions and Public spaces. From textile banners in Tahiti still hanging at the Moa Loa Mall to soothing paintings and large murals at The Disney Cancer Center and Providence St. Josephs Hospitals in California. Edyta has also painted many personal portraits in her individual style.

Exhibitions Solo Shows and Collections
Edyta Salak’s Work has been included in and collected over the past 3 decades by some of the following notable concerns -
• Associated Architects & Planners - Tahiti
• Art on Broadway - OR
• Bing Crosby Estate - CA
• Basic Space Gallery - OR
• Beaverton Women’s Club - OR
• Disney Cancer Center Burbank- CA
• Dickinson Estate Hollywood – CA
• Fleur Spa Birmingham - AL
• Festival of the Arts Lake Oswego – OR
• Festival of the Healing Arts Burbank - CA
• Ford Gallery -OR
• Hillsboro Civic Center – OR
• Hasi Hester Interior Design - CA
• JP Pujdak Associates - CA
• Macy’s Department Store San Diego & Santa Barbara - CA
• Macy’s Department Store Phoenix - AZ
• Portland’5 Center - OR
• Providence Hospital St. Joseph - CA
• Sequoia Gallery - OR
• Walters Cultural Center Gallery – OR ( more upon request )