Guest Artist

Basic Space Gallery will occasionally reach out to a local Portland artist and invite them to participate in an exhibit. This is done by the owners of the gallery and is by invitation only.


Quire | Mixed Media Artist

"My name is Quire (meaning many voices making one expression) because I am interested in people and I often include them in my process. My work is centered on how we relate to our selves and each other and how we can do so more successfully. My art making process is a blend of intuition, experimentation, intentional communication, and technical execution. It has evolved over the years from image harvesting content to interacting with people in my community as my source imagery.  I often film and photograph these individuals and incorporate their stories into the work. This part of my process also includes digital media in the final presentation of the work, creating a conceptual bridge between pop culture and fine art, and giving the work relevance to a wider audience. As a mixed media artist my aesthetic combines traditional painting, drawing, embroidery, etching, collage, with industrial materials, digital film, and photography. The work I create is multi media, multilayered and often multidimensional reverberating the inner and outer complexity of the human experience. With in these layers I have placed lush imagery, patterns, colors and symbolic characters with the intent to strike a balance between richness and simplicity simultaneously welcoming and challenging the viewer. The symbolism, the balance, and the themes evoke and emotional response which leads the viewer to a place of reflection."