Hobbs Waters

Eleven year old Hobbs is an exceptional dancer as well as a cellist, and artist. He has a t-shirt line which he sell through his online store WWW.CITYTROLL.COM to help fund his dance education. Hobbs primarily dances Ballet, but he also does Contemporary, Hip-hop, Modern, and Jazz. 

In the past Hobbs has mainly focused on pen and ink animals. Now he has moved on, and is starting work on his five abstract painting series that correspond with social justice issues. Hobbs has been excited to show this collection with the community. “ Inhuman activities brought us here”, mainly revolves around social justice issues. Hobbs has been working on both, the paintings and the essays for the past year.

Hobbs is an extremely talented dancer, screen-printer, entrepreneur and painter! He has created this series of work for show at the gallery for the month of September and will have essays to accompany these artworks. 

Inhumane activities brought us here… Is a five piece abstract series surrounding social justice issues. Each painting corresponds with an essay that goes in depth regarding the various topics: Privilege, Racism, Environment, Sexism, and Education. This work took a year to complete from research, exploring the topics, writing, and painting. I am excited and honored to release this powerful series to the public.