Jo Grishman 


Artist Jo Grishman has been practicing for her art her entire life, with collecting found objects wherever she may go. She incorporates objects that may have been lost, hold personal significance or possess some quality that attracts her to them. She fires her clay sculptures and will affix the objects throughout her work and has even mixed her recent encaustic skills in as well. She works toward self discovery and letting go with her artwork, and always has something new to teach all of us.


I have seen myself as an artist since childhood, always drawing and creating imaginary worlds, growing up in New York City. I was involved in various group exhibits throughout the Maryland area, where I raised my family, before journeying across the country and relocating to Portland, Oregon where my creative spirit truly blossoms. I am constantly searching for a new language to express myself, and the various materials I choose to use, reflects that personal exploration. Journeying through the layers of memory is very important to me. Process is an integral part of my artwork. By physically touching the surface and manipulating the medium, I am creating a dialogue, thus allowing an image to evolve and take on a life of its own. That process is then continued, as I try to draw the viewer into that dialogue. Ironically, I reach a deeper personal understanding by losing myself in the process. I hope to touch each viewer on a personal level as well.

Artist Statement
"I am a collector, a collaborator with nature, often using found objects in my narrative clay sculpture. My greatest inspiration is motherhood and nature. Working with clay is a tactile, spiritual interaction. It's a dance as the image emerges and takes on a life form of it's own. The story gradually reveals itself and not always upon completion of the piece. It is a gradual unfolding."

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