Have you always been an abstract painter?

No, I actually spent many years painting Realism. I also very much admire the art of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. I naturally gravitated towards creating art in these styles. Eventually I began to explore pure abstract. I am such a lover of color and texture, that it was exciting to create art that had no recognizable features, where it was really all about the relationship the colors have to each other and the textures. I like to see myself as somewhat of a sculptor when I paint. I lay my oil paint so thick it is actually three dimensional in some places. Conversely, I will at times leave blank canvas showing or the paint so thin that it is nothing more than a wash with linseed oil. Or at times I will scrape away the paint with a palette knife leaving only the first layer exposed. The relationship of colors and textures really fascinates me and I am always striving to find new palettes, new color combinations, new experiences.