What artists have you been influenced by?

Can you share about a few artists that have influenced your art?

Millet:  I do adore his colors, the atmosphere he creates and the use of laborers as main subjects.  I have always admired “The Gleaners” and it took my breath away when I first viewed the original.

Van Gogh: I think he will always be in my top five favorite artists; the texture, the movement, the subject matter. He is just such a talent! And his tragic personal story really affects me to the soul.  In the end, he so strongly believed in his art and just wanted people to “like his pictures”. 

Kandinsky:  I love his early landscapes but also admire his work in Abstract Expressionism.  He has a wealth of talent and was a true visionary; a pioneer in the abstract movement. His writings on color theory are truly fascinating and helped guide me during my years of teaching color theory to young students.