What inspired your latest collection?


This past year I have done a lot of traveling. The farthest of my travels took me all the way to Bucharest, Romania. The closest was a drive through the Columbia Gorge after the fires swept through our beautiful, natural gem, filled with cascading waterfalls. Upon each return I would put a lot of thought and emotion into the colors, textures and general feel I had of that particular city, island, national forest, etc. Each piece in this collection is completely abstract but is my representation of that particular place and experience. For example: I spent the month of January in the US Virgin Islands. My painting, “St. Croix” (72x48) presents a bit of a dichotomy. The water in this beautiful Caribbean island was still a stunning blue, the skies expansive, dotted with clouds, the sand, soft and Naples Yellow in hue. But there was also massive destruction from recent hurricanes: homes destroyed, schools closed down, roads torn apart, vegetation lost. For me, this painting represents what is most beautiful and serene on the island along with what was most painful and destructive. These paintings are my expressions of ever changing landscapes.