Kelly Williams


Artist Kelly Williams had been heavily involved in Portland's art community and supporting the growth of youth through coping by creating. Her focus is primarily on encaustic and mixed media paintings, spanning many styles. She has played a great role in teaching many of today's Portland encaustic painters some of the tricks she has learned over her tenure of working with the medium. She has given a great many of interviews discussing her work and has been on shows following artists, and has worked with p:ear gallery where she founded Recovery Panes Project to help addicted community members heal through creating.

Biography & Artist Statement

Artist Kelly Williams had been heavily involved in Portland's art community for well over a decade. Working primarily in encaustic and oils, she explores and experiments in both style and scale, constantly challenging herself to find a contemporary voice for timeless experiences and current issues. She is collected and shown both locally and nationally, curated multiple large-scale exhibitions, and been interviewed for multiple publications. She also has been featured on both radio and television programs about her unique approach and philosophy towards her personal art and her community impact. Art for social change and personal growth are keystones to her approach to her advocacy projects. Having received several RACC grants, she has developed community projects working with homeless youth in the P:EAR Program with the Crossroads Project, as well as those affected by addiction in the Recovery Panes Project. She continues to educate and mentor both the amateur and professional artist in using art as a personal and creative development tool. This focus on exploring social issues, personal narrative and psychological inquiry fuel the deep meaning and wide range of her powerful personal art.


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