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Artist and Gallery Owner, Kenneth Saylor, has been creating art since a small child yet has only recently pushed for creating a professional body of work. He is the premier scribble artist in Portland Oregon. He developed a technique of composing images from layering ballpoint pen 'scribbles' or continuous circles over one another. His scribble drawings range stylistically from portraiture, figurative, abstract and surreal. He has also worked on installation pieces and wire sculptures. He has quickly grown to work in several different media over just 5 years. He is the chief web and promotional designer for the gallery and assists in curating the exhibits.


Kenneth Saylor was born in a small Pennsylvania town in 1992, although now he lives and works in Portland, OR. From an early age he was fascinated by varying forms of art. He began his artistic journey with rough sketching graduating later to doing fine line drawings. After meeting his partner in 2012, he had decided to pursue art full-time. Through doing art, he had explored new pathways that allowed him to develop into who he truly was. As he matured, so did his art. Lines became more exact yet looser, imagery became more exact yet still allowing mystery show through. His work allows an opportunity to convey messages and interpersonal demons that are on a subconscious level. A lot of the work he creates has a strong emotional connection expressed within the absence of faces in his figurative works, and usage of color through the more surrealistic ones. Always attempting to push himself, he has worked with acrylics, oil, pen and ink, installations, and more recently with wire sculptures. His work has rapidly shown progression from raw abstraction in 2012, to geometric expressionistic pieces in 2013, pen and ink figurative drawings, installations, and sculptures since.

Artist Statement
“My artwork seeks to drive any preconceived notions of reality and social norms. Within the design of scribbling, you can, for a moment imagine that you are lost and free from all confines. By leaving faceless images of people and distorted figures propped in front of whimsical backdrops, you begin to perceive the world in new and more organic ways. The artwork is not about thinking, but it drives to create a new form of being and allowing your mind to see the universe for how it is. Once you start to peer into the life of the work, you can see the chaos, yet feel the serenity in the lines. You must imagine that the world is not what is is, but for what the world can be, inside of your own visions — from the feelings that drive your subconscious. To lose yourself in the work, is to find yourself within your own universe. My work is typically created through using simple colors to leave a photographic element to it, yet loosely paint a figure with subtleties of color. Within the drawings that I create, the drawing is done by layering scribbles a top one another to create light and dark values. It is a repetitive process but yet becomes cathartic and therapeutic.

More recently I have started on a body of a work that focuses primarily on creating new worlds and characters to fill them. Most of this originates from a book that is currently under development, which I will release at the appropriate time. I have been doing portrait work as well as full figure drawings and paintings.
My sculpture work is predominantly exploring characters from the book as well. These are made of wrapping annealed steel wire to create a three dimensional scribble. These have been relatively small over the past couple of years, however they are quickly gaining in size and complexity.

I will never stop exploring the creative process and will hold myself to that until the day that my energy is released from this fragile body. "

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