May 2018

Have you been working on any new artwork?

This month I have been focusing on building up more of my surreal landscape paintings. They tend to lean toward a moody scene rather than one of solace, but there is an innate beauty in everything around us, so why not!

What has inspired you lately?

I always am listening to music, and lately I have been listening to a lot of musicals. Actually, I have been stuck in a loop between 4 or 5 for the last 6 months or so. Right now, my current piece is based on the finale song from Groundhog Day the Musical titled Seeing You. It is a beautiful moment where the main character is finally seeing things in an entirely different light after reliving the same day over and over in this small town of Punxsutawney Pennsylvania covering Groundhog Day. His romantic interest, who has steered clear of him for the better part of the show, finally notices him and sees this change in him and they are seeing each other with this newfound perspective of life and one another.