I am Emerging

I am so excited to have a new studio space with room to hang and work on several pieces at once. I have always worked on more than one painting at a time but now I can see them next to each other and allow them to speak to me and to each other. It’s easier to keep things fresh when I can see a color or shape I like in one painting and apply that to another. Ideas jump from one painting to another and it keeps me enthusiastic about what I’m doing.

Since my process is to let images evolve as I paint, this is a perfect working situation for me. I start each painting by putting down some color and shapes so I have something to respond to. I have a general idea of what it might become (of course, it’s always about figures since it is the human condition that I’m passionate about.) Then the painting starts to talk to me. The subconscious is a powerful tool and it helps me to discover some meaning from abstract forms. It’s never a straight path from the first brushstrokes to the final painting. I do, I redo, and then I do again. Ultimately, I have to yield to what surfaces from many contradictory ideas. Somehow, I hope a truth will emerge – one that will have more than one interpretation because I think truth can be fluid. What’s true for me may not be true for you – or may not be true at a different time.