Artist Statement
"Metal. Bones. Leather. I am not describing a Norwegian black metal band, I'm talking about my artistic practice. It is not as dark as it sounds, these are just a few of my favorite materials to use in making jewelry. I love things that are rustic and earthy, and not too flashy. I like my jewelry to be versatile, comfortable, and to have edge.

I draw inspiration mostly from nature with heavy doses of art deco, art nouveau, ancient Egyptian art, and of course my slight obsession with the old west and Native American designs. Mixing geometric metal shapes with smooth, elegant bone - sometimes adding leather or traditional native bead-work - while finding harmony and balance in these elements is my goal as an artist.

I've always had a need to create, and was heavily influenced by one of my first jobs as a teenager at a bead store in Spokane. There I learned traditional native bead weaving and formed a solid foundation in jewelry. Since then, I've learned more advanced smithing, stamping and etching techniques. I always love finding ways to integrate all of these elements and influences into a cohesive body of work. And yes, I sometimes listen to Norwegian black metal while making my jewelry."