October Exhibit

“Anticipate the Unanticipated” is the name of my featured artist show at the gallery this month.  In every piece, acrylic mediums were used to create layers of heavy texture.  One of my artistic goals this year is to explore materials and break old habits of utilizing the same products.  I believe the mediums I have been using have expanded my visual vocabulary in ways I had not expected and made each painting a new directional discovery.

I began the paintings without a thumbnail sketch, or a firm idea of an outcome.  Laying down the pastes and mediums intuitively, I then allowed each layer to dry thoroughly.

Once I started painting, I applied layers of color and enjoyed seeing the glazes create unexpected color while catching the edges of the texture.  Many of my paintings have clearly delineated shapes creating profuse texture which I further enhanced with iridescent and interference paint.

After a few of these paintings I really did anticipate the unanticipated.

My show runs through November 3.  Hope you can make it!