Dogs are our best friends

I intended on writing an action-packed, exciting blog about brushes but then we had a pet emergency and I decided to write about my studio dog, Lily.

I didn’t have a dog until I was in my 30’s. Keisha was a rescue and we are convinced she was part coyote, part Schnauzer. This was before I had the luxury of having my own studio space. Keisha watched me silk-paint in the kitchen, pastel in the living room, and mosaic-away in the garage. Where ever I pursued my artistic directions, she was there. Loyal, watchful, and ever- approving.

Before Keisha passed, we added Huey, the first pug, to our family. Now, Keisha had a pal to intently watch every medium with fascination. They were especially curious when I started hauling Goodwill treasures home and began painting furniture. Never discouraging, never critiquing. Theirs wasn’t a roaring silence of disapproval of my creations. No, they looked upon my art with complete awe. I saw it in their eyes!

After Ned passed, we rescued a 6 year old pug, Lily. Lily has proven to be the most avid art aficionado of all our dogs. She has been my faithful studio dog, muse and companion for the last five years. Always at my side, she is happiest in the studio because her job of protector is simple: I stay put in one room.

Yesterday, I noticed her acting oddly so we took her to the vet clinic where she had lab work, an EKG, and x-rays. Lily was diagnosed with third degree heart blockage. After an exhaustive search for an available Cardiologist and one who actually had a Pacemaker, Lily had the procedure done that afternoon. With all certainty, Lily’s life was saved yesterday.

There are service dogs, winery dogs, office dogs, security dogs, guide dogs, military dogs, therapy dogs, reading assistance dogs, seizure assistance dogs, and studio dogs. Dogs are one of God’s greatest gifts to man and they bring an unending source of joy to their owners. They amuse us, and lift our spirits when we are down. Last night, while Lily was recuperating at the hospital I painted until late in the night to take my mind off the uncertainty of her surgery. My studio felt terribly empty without her watching my every move and cheering me on with those deep brown eyes.