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Emergence : L McDonald

  • Basic Space Gallery 327 Northwest 9th Avenue Portland, OR, 97209 United States (map)

The title of my show is “Emergence” and it’s about the process of becoming exposed after being concealed. It’s a “coming out” - not about gender exclusively although that is a factor, but about personhood - about claiming my space as an artist – about overcoming feeling marginalized by age, economic status or lack of a partner, and by gender as pertains to a feeling of inferiority in the art world – as men have been in control for so long and so pervasively. It’s about embracing all the parts of myself, including the shadow side – about accepting the complexities and incongruity of being human. It’s about being unafraid to express feeling and thoughts that might cause disagreement or discomfort to others. I am feeling the freedom of being wildly abstract in the backgrounds with more defined figures or having the figures blend into the backgrounds. I want to explore all the connections and disconnections we experience in our daily lives. And, of course, the stories. We all search for meaning by creating stories. Each story is different and personal. It’s my way of reaching out and touching others by offering suggestions that might prompt a response.

Creativity flows from solitude and thinking and absorbing all kinds of conflicting information. I see beauty in the human form at all times - even when the mood is melancholy. I use color and abstraction to balance the seriousness of being human. I also recognize joy and tenderness and welcome them into my exploration.