Fluid Painting Process

My “Fluid” Painting Process

Process 1_800p.jpg

One of my current methods of painting is what I call a fluid painting style, much like the process Jackson Pollock used in his action painting technique. The canvas is placed on the floor suspended on plastic pots. I move around the canvas brushing, flicking or dripping a mixture of paint and medium onto the surface. Many layers are added, each interacting with the previous layer, creating a surface with interesting organic textural effects that radiate from a luminous glow. It’s such a fluid and interactive way of painting. It allows me to channel the way I am feeling in the moment through energetic movement combined with an intuitive response to the materials I use.

The Shimmer series was painted with this technique - here is the statement I wrote about this series;

“The Shimmer Series is a colorful, atmospheric series which explores themes of optimism, strength and growth. These concepts are expressed through the incorporation of both metallic pigments and a fresh, soft color palette. The metal anchors the piece, acting as a connection to the earth while the light, bright colors radiate up to the sky, taking the mind to that place where inspiration is born. These pieces are a shimmering oasis, a respite from the frenetic distractions of the world.

My personal journey over the last year involved a lot of introspection. I felt the need to withdraw to the safety and comfort of my studio, to find a sense peace and harmony in a world fraught with chaotic events. I painted a balanced and loving world inside each painting, each a part of my vision of beauty and positivity. It’s the kind of energy I want to share with the world - a place of rest and rejuvenation injected with a charge of positive energy and vitality.”